Hypnotica_Eric_Von_SydowFor the past two decades, Eric Von Sydow has been a pioneer of the dating and relationships industry. From advising high profile coaches to teaching the average guy how to increase his confidence around women, he has established himself as an authority on the psychology of male-female interaction.

An author, seminar leader, coach and hypnotist, Von Sydow’s approach to self-evolvement is multi-faceted, innovative and challenging. His strategies and techniques have earned admiration from industry leaders and captivated the minds of a global fan base, earning him the title of “Inner Game Guru.”

Von Sydow first attracted mainstream attention when he was featured in Neil Strauss’ bestselling book, The Game. He has since appeared in numerous publications, including The New York Times, Cosmopolitan, USA Today, and The San Diego Reader.

In addition to his coaching work, Von Sydow has produced a number of audio and literary works, most notably the critically acclaimed Sphinx of Imagination album, co-produced with Denver Clay, and Metawhore, a challenging,
brilliantly crafted autobiography that fuses his life story with unconventional philosophical prospective.

Eric Von Sydow remains the man the dating coaches lean on for inspiration and the self-professed PUAs try to emulate. His ingenious, cutting edge methodology continues to motivate men all over the world to live a prosperous
life filled with self-growth, opportunity and positive female encounters.