Metawhore by HYPNOTICA

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Open a random page and you may well find yourself startled, horrified, and intrigued, yet one thing is for sure, you will be compelled to read on. Read Metawhore cover to cover, if you dare, and your perception of life will be transformed, forever.

This is the life of Eric Von Sydow, AKA Hypnotica, a veteran sex industry worker and relationship guru who, every time you think you are a step closer to understanding, bucks your perceived stereotype and shows you that there is no pigeon holing a seasoned non-conformist.

A life story that interrogates the male ego and strips down the female psyche, Metawhore twists and turns through valuable life lessons ingeniously interweaved with stories that will make your hair curl. Challenging societal consciousness and bringing new perception to the modern sexual world, the Renaissance man pulls no punches in destroying the concept of ‘being normal.

If you long to challenge the status quo, explore your inner hunter-gatherer, or embark on a spiritual journey that may upset the naysayers, prudes, and indoctrinated masses, Metawhore is just the inspiration you need.

Metawhore is a journey through non-conformity, spiritual growth and sexual expression, revealing the primal inner-man and exploring the vast terrain of the female psyche. A middle finger to social conditioning and thumbs up to individuality. REVIEWS

5 star review on Metawhore by Hypnotica


“I am pleasantly surprised at how good this book was. It’s not an how to manual, but written in more of a “story” format. I think many people can learn a lot more from the book than expected. This should become a classic for men who want to improve themselves. Great job keeping the “story” funny, entertaining and shocking.”

By Vernon (Bonita, CA USA) – March 28, 2012


“I come away from reading this book the way I do from any intriguing biographies. As though I got to live through These stories, and take their message with me. There were many moments in this book that shatter what some of us look at everyday reality. The author has built himself a model of the world that many of us could benefit from. This book reminds me that I need to press fast forward in life a bit more. And while most may see this as a book about sex in itself, it is really so much more. Its about freeing yourself in every way possible. An enlightenment that isn’t outcome dependent to Puritanical society. I’m happy he shared his experiences with us, including the ones where none of us would ever admit to. Those are the taboos I hope we can one day break free from. I look forward to reading the following books..”

By Jacobtaylor2002 – April 8, 2012


I ordered this book on kindle, funny, entertaining, inspirational, and after reading the first pages I read the wonderful phrase “life is an individual experience, if you love someone you need to let them fly” I just knew this was going to be one of the BEST books i have ever read or will ever read, and i knew i have to do something, remember the movie sideways when the main character decide it was time to open his best bottle of wine, i did just that.
I just want to thank Erick, this book has pearls of wisdom written all over, I envy all the people who haven’t read it for the first time, i REALLY love this book, it will be on my kindle forever, and trust me I have read a LOT of books so please, read it, with your best bottle of wine, this guy is a genius, i hope Erick has time to write more and more and more once again thank you Hypnotica, you outdid yourself this time.”

By Drvelasco – March 30, 2012