The Seductive Secrets of Erotic Entertainers

The Seductive Secrets of Erotic Entertainers by Hypnotica

The Seductive Secrets of Erotic Entertainers is an essential guide for women working as pole dancers, strippers and erotic dancers. Written by relationship and dating guru Eric Von Sydow, aka Hypnotica, the guide provides dancers with the inside scoop on engaging customers and maximizing income.

The author himself has spent the last 20 years working in the strip club industry, starting out as a dancer, and then moving on to manage a number of strip clubs. During his career, Hypnotica has trained hundreds of dancers, taking them from average earners to seasoned high-earning professionals.

The guide teaches erotic entertainers to nurture creativity and sexual prowess and become the ultimate object of desire. By applying gender-based psychology, body language training and strategic wordplay, dancers are elevated to fast-track success, immediately bypassing key mistakes that result in being ignored by customers and potentially rejected by an employer.

Starting with an overview of the history of seduction, and fair warning of just how life-changing this nature-given female asset can be, the author then schools the reader on the varying facets of this powerful art form. From basic eye contact and physical assertion, to leadership training and learning how to plant the right seeds at the right time, the guide is comprehensive in its instruction.

The guide remains ethical throughout, steering clear of trickery and dishonest tactics. Instead, focusing on utilizing a woman’s intelligence and “gender strength” to manipulate the male-dominated environment to her advantage. The profound insight and wisdom provided goes well beyond “the job,” promoting essential life skills such as self-confidence and high self-esteem.

The Seductive Secrets of Erotic Entertainment is a modern day bible for an age-old profession, an essential road-map that ensures the avoidance of unexpected pitfalls in an often cut-throat industry. Its pages are capable of teaching the shyest of women to cultivate their innate sexuality, enjoy dancing to the fullest, and most importantly, earn a small fortune in the process.
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5 star review on Metawhore by Hypnotica[testimonial1 author=”By Jenn  – December 4, 2011″]MUST FOR ANY STRIPPER TO MAKE MORE MONEY“I found this book to have some priceless information about how to make more money in the world of stripping. I am sure I’ll make my money back in one dance. Thank you i would of never thought of some of the suggestions.

[testimonial1 author=”By Jenn  – December 4, 2011″]A RISK-FREE INVESTMENT
“The tips in this book will be sure to help you, regardless of whether you’re looking to become the highest earning dancer at your club, or just looking to add another few dances here and there. The author speaks from experience and the information contained in this book was earned through years of hard work. You get numerous tips and secrets, as well as exercises that will help you reach whatever goals you have in this industry. It’s a fast read with information you can use as soon as you finish and this book literally pays for itself on the very first dance it brings you. If you’re looking to save time and earn more money, then this book is for YOU![/testimonial1]