Is your confidence bulletproof?


Did you know that 97% of men never realize their inner potential because of self-limiting behaviors and negative pre-programming? This mindset is a cruel trap. Once the unconscious has been infiltrated by fear, insecurity and unfounded conclusions regarding ability and potential, it spreads like a virus, suppressing personality, thwarting connections with the opposite sex, preventing the cultivation of wealth and restricting individuality and personal development.

How do I know this? Because I am the Inner Game Guru, or at least that’s what I have been labeled among the male self-development community. My name is Eric Von Sydow, AKA Hypnotica, and for almost 20 years I have been bringing men home, home to themselves, to their inner man. I’ve coached the top PUAs, self-help gurus, music stars, actors, everyday guys and anyone else who calls on me for my expertise. I help men realize their potential by unlocking the negative energy preventing them from cultivating their ultimate reality. Anyway, enough about me, this is about you…

Why Are You Here?

I’m guessing part of it’s to do with women, right? I say this because women are always at the center of a man’s being, even though he might not realize it. For example, when a man has relationship issues his work will indirectly suffer and his confidence to succeed in life will falter. In my experience, 9 times out of 10, optimizing a man’s interpersonal relationships with the female species results in exponential success in other areas of his life.

So what about you? Perhaps you have trouble approaching women, holding down a girlfriend or harnessing your inner man to feel in control of your relationship. Or perhaps you just wanna let loose but don’t know how to make sexual connections with women. Regardless of your situation, it goes without saying that the majority of men would like to better connect with women. Doing so boasts self-confidence, health and wellbeing, general day-to-day happiness and increases the chances of wealth and career success.

But here’s the deal. If you’re blocking your own energy with conscious or unconscious self-limiting behavior, women will pick up on this energy and run a mile. And so will new potential opportunities in other key areas of your life. Women can smell a real man a mile away. And by “real man” I don’t mean a tuff guy, I mean a guy that is fully content within his own skin, a man living his life the way he truly wants to live it, a man with the courage of his own convictions. Not a man living in the shadow of other people’s expectations or following the “safe road” like every other guy. Not a man copying the behavior of other guys or living his life through an alter ego. No. This kind of behavior repels women and leads a man down a path of frustration and unhappiness.

Isn’t It About Time You Mastered Your Inner Game?

A man is unsuccessful with women for one primary reason: he is yet to master his “Inner Game,” which can also be translated as his “Inner-Self.” Imagine going through your entire life never really being you. Imagine never realizing your full potential as a man. Imagine living and dying in a cocoon and never having harnessed the confidence to fly free and live out your own existence…It doesn’t bear thinking about does it? But this is what every one of my clients would have done if they hadn’t made the step to reach out for my help.

Don’t accept less. Don’t get stuck in a negative cycle of saying, “I just lack self-confidence” or “I have never been good with women.” Don’t beat yourself down by saying, “I am not management material” or “I should be content with what I have.” How do you know how great you could be if you’ve never tried to stop being average? Don’t wait for change or accept less than you deserve. Be the change, engineer the tools and become the person you want to be.

It’s Time To Release All Frustration, Fear, Anxiety & Insecurity

Don’t be the guy who spends his entire life running from himself. Don’t put on a front for the guys and then feel ashamed when you look in the mirror and see a different person at home. Don’t shy away hoping that one day this self-limiting behavior might just magically disappear. Believe me, it won’t.

Today you have the chance to take action, to make a life U-turn that will open up a new road of positive experiences that will exponentially enhance your life and present new positive opportunities with women, work and health like never before. Today is the day for change. There will never be a perfect moment. The only moment is now. Seize it…

All the products on this site are exclusively designed by myself and contain my tried and tested proven methods for success. The approach is simple. I take you step-by-step toward your goals using practical techniques that can be immediately integrated into your life, and then used over and over again to encourage personal growth on all levels. So whether you’re seeking an abundance of sexual encounters, a long term partner, increased life opportunity, more money, increased confidence and self-esteem, or simply looking for the real you, it doesn’t matter. You can begin realizing your goals right now. Explore the site and use these tools to continue to cultivate your mind.

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