Are you ready to experience one of the most powerful healing techniques known to man?

Ho'oponopono by Hypnotica

Ho’oponopono Is Helping Thousands of People Reclaim a Peaceful, Loving Existence

This is the first professionally recorded Ho’oponopono meditation, specifically focused on improving your relationships with others, healing your past, and righting all your wrongs.

Are your personal relationships struggling?

Is your past haunting your present?

Do you lack energy and a zest for life?

Have you given up hope?

Then you have stumbled upon the right place…

From the outset my aim with this program was maximum impact, maximum effect, and maximum results. As you can hear from the sample provided, the exercises within this program have been engineered to the highest quality, and to compliment this attention to detail, the program is accompanied by a unique sound design, compiled by Denver Clay, a leading authority on how sound effects affect the conscious and sub conscious mind. The entire program is specifically targeted to enhance your mood, and assist you in relaxing into your meditative zone.



“As always, amazing background music by Denver, and a powerful healing process. Truly life-changing! WARNING: some may want to start small if they’ve had any traumatic events in their life, and build up to total cleansing. This isn’t about others, this is completely about healing yourself. Thanks Eric!

By Clark

Why You Need Ho’oponopono In Your Life…

With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, many of our core human needs are being neglected. Our personal relationships are suffering, we lack love and the ability to be empathetic, we forget to focus on our inner self and concentrate solely on the outer person, the ego, and the material things in life.

Our personal problems are being temporarily plastered over and unresolved, leaving us exposed to mental trauma and daily suffering, albeit conscious or unconscious. Recognizing the need for self-healing, I have specifically targeted this meditation at curing modern day ills. I am offering you the chance to get back to being a balanced, happy, focused individual, capable of maintaining personal relationships successfully and simultaneously managing a busy lifestyle.

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5 star review on Ho'oponopono by Hypnotica

“I have listened to it a few times in the morning and a few times before bed. I got it yesterday and already feel my energy being more balanced and how it is affecting everybody around me!! I am wondering if this cd will affect my financial life as well. I am enjoying it and bought hypnotica’s version since he is credible in the field of relationships and success mind states being a student of his work!! Thanks Eric!

By L Williams