The Sphinx of Imagination Soundtrack 2011 edition

The Sphinx of Imagination Soundtrack 2011 by Hypnotica and Denver Clay

The time has finally come to share the 2011 enhanced *instrumental-only soundtrack version of The Sphinx of Imagination with the world. This evolutionary odyssey takes a quantum leap forward with the long awaited symphonic release of the Sphinx soundtrack.

Thousands of people have already discovered and embraced a myriad of positive benefits from listening to the original release. Self transformation, spiritual growth, healing, increased energy, prolific creativity, living out loud with greater joy, enthusiasm, and fulfillment are hallmarks of the original which took creators Hypnotica and Denver Clay six dedicated years of production to perfect before its release in 2003.

Now, eight years later, the Sphinx of Imagination soundtrack has arrived. It invites listeners to come aboard, take the journey and be filled with creative wonderment, revealing to each individual a deep personal insight, thus allowing for the discovery to flow from within. The deep transformational properties embedded and woven into this enhanced soundtrack reveals the language beyond language- a universal language- designed to escort your mind, senses, and soul deep into magical mysterious realms, where negative thoughts, fears and limitations are dissolved and replaced by an empowering sense of child-like awe and creative wonderment. Its journey is about discovering, perhaps for the first time, the awesomeness of life and its boundless possibilities for expression, purpose and fulfillment.


Musically, it plays as an enchanted mythological tale, featuring the listener as the hero. It is not for passive ambient background listening. There are so many layers, levels, patterns, sequences, triggers and tools of change, operating on subliminal levels that cannot be perceived consciously. If you are willing to suspend your beliefs and expectations long enough to slip away to this exquisitely seductive fantasy world, woven together by visionary composer Clay, you may experience your life at a more profound, purposeful, and fulfilling level.

I hope you enjoy the time and effort we put into this.

Hypnotica & Denver Clay

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*If you listened to the original Sphinx of Imagination you already have the structure needed to have this instrumental-only soundtrack work for you. This version is designed to be listened to without words. The auditory anchors are there from the original stories forming the base structure of the program. Your job is to let your mind flow with the higher levels of your imagination, without words, and utilize what is already there in your mind.