Hypnotica’s Top Recommended Courses

Hey it’s Eric… Here’s an approved selection of programs I hand picked for you to move closer toward what you want: Attraction, Sexual Stamina, Seduction, Rockiness (ED)


Elixir of Egos

Author: Mike Wright

Finally There Is A Better Way To Attract Women… Make Them Chase You

Discover a method for using – easy to remember – innocent words as highly effective chase triggers, which can make women approach you. As this program is based on women making the first move it’s suitable for anyone wanting to avoid approach anxiety / rejection.

Rewrite Her Rules

Author: Magic

Change Her ‘Attraction Rules’ So She Rejects Tall, Rich, Handsome Guys And Goes Home With You

Disrupt, then rewrite the list of rules a woman follows when choosing a man. Program her to find your height, weight, age, and looks irresistible.  Become the man other men want to be.

Deck of Destiny

Author: Craig Miller

Find Out  How To Attract Women By Their ‘Personality Type’ With The Deck Of Destiny

This program puts its money where its mouth is… Claim your free “Deck of Destiny” cards today – Yes digital versions are available – and discover how you can attract women when you understand their personality types.


Author: Christian Hudson

A ‘Normal’ Text Message Stimulates The Addiction Sensors In A Woman’s Brain…

Now imagine if you knew 5-Magic Text Messages… Text messages so powerful they cause her brain to release the addiction-bringing chemical dopamine… You could make almost any woman addicted, and desperate to sleep with you.

Skip The Date

Author: Jonathan Green

Attention! Any Man Who Prefers To Contact Women Via His Computer Rather Than Face To Face

Skip the date works like this… You send a few emails to hot women, and sometime later they’re at your door asking you for a ‘favor.’ Effortless. This program is perfect for guys who don’t want to be out at night, in the cold, looking for women in bars. Instead you can be sat in your favorite chair, watching football on TV and hooking up with fun women.

Apples of Eden

Author: Matt Evans

What Women Really Want Will Shock You…  If You Know How To Unlock Her Defences

Women will never really tell a man what they want. She will play the little angel… Until you understand how to unlock her defenses… When you push her emotional hot buttons. This program declassifies information woman have kept secret from men for generations. It gives you a direct pass to almost any women you want.

Tao of Badass

Author: Josh Pellicer

Possibly The Most Successful Attraction Method Ever To Be Handed To Mortal Men

When you see what he does with the fish to attract women… You’ll know that you can do it also. That is power of the Tao Of Badass. The program is one of the few that’s universal in who it’ll assist in attracting women… It works for men at any stage of their of life.


Sexual Activation Blueprint

Author: Craig Miller

This program exposes a huge corporate psychological study that reveals what women respond to – SEXUALLY. It’s known as Predictive Behavioral Modelling, and it’s about predicting what a woman wants: her thoughts and her behaviors, to ultimately have her chasing you.


5G Male

Author: Dave Cummins & Craig Miller

He’s A 70 Year Old Porn Star… With The Sexual Stamina Of A 20 Year Old… And Now He Wants To Share His Secret With You

Once a lifetime a freak of nature comes along and does something seemingly impossible. Like 70 y.o (active) porn star Dave Cummings. The story goes like this… Dave did not always have this immense staying ability until he discovered a freakish combination of foods in the Vietnamese jungle. His story is rare and bursting with benefit for any man who wants to last longer naturally.


PE Remedy

Author: Tom Candow

Discover How The Revolutionary Stem Cell Secret To Natural Growth Can Make Your Manhood Swell

Take the short quiz now to discover your potential growth with this all natural enhancement program. This program is suitable for anyone seeking growth without using: extenders, stretchers, medication, surgery, or performing penis exercises.

Extreme Sexual Pleasure

Author: Matt Cook

A ‘2 Second Change In Focus’ That Can Provide Hours Of Sexual Bliss

The makers of this excellent ED program understand the impact this condition has on a man’s life, and they offer you a simple way out of pain. Quickly and easily your manhood could be firmer and last longer than any other time in your life.

Erect on Demand

Author: Josh Harding

For The Man Who Knows An ED Problem Is More Than Just A Lack Of Sex

ED destroys loving relationships. Even the most loyal girlfriend or wife can wander off looking for a man, a firm man, to replace you.
This unique program has probably saved more relationships than it takes credit for.

Bigger Badder Better

Author: Matt Cook

Get Rapid Help: Be Bigger Badder And Better In The Bedroom Right Now

Matt Cook has the most insane story of how he developed this program for men who want to be bigger, badder, and better in the bedroom. More than just ‘getting up’ this program offers a never seen before way to make your load a HUGE load.


Author: Adam Armstrong

The Greatest Sex Coach On The Planet Reveals A 100% Natural Tea Drink To Keep You Rock Hard

Adam Armstrong has a reputation for being the best at what he does. If he is drinking a secret blend Oriental tea to stay rock hard… The only question remains why aren’t you?


Gabrielle Moore

Author: Gabrielle Moore

Men! Have You Considered Giving Her A Breast Massage To Make Her Orgasm?

If not, then your chance to become that rare lover who takes her to new and possibly forbidden places is here, now, with Gabrielle Moore’s fantastic new program…

Real World Seduction

Author: Josh Lubbens

Probably The Best Seduction Coach In The Business Today Tells You How Attraction REALLY works

Josh Lubbens is a straight talking guy. The kind who cuts out the BS out and gives you the little rich nuggets of information that take you to the next level of seduction… To the man who goes home with the hottest women.


Seduce With Silence

Author: “Magic”

Attract And Seduce A Woman Without Speaking To Her… Impossible Right? Wrong!

This program teaches men that a woman’s body is the gateway to her mind, and that it’s vital to touch her in the right places during the seduction phase. It’s possible to make her wetter than ever before without having to say a single word to her.

Sexual Decoder System

Author: Craig Miller

If You Could Spot The Women Who Are Up For It… You’re Chances Have To Increase Right?

The sexual decoder system shows you how to spot the women who are looking for sexual satisfaction NOW… In a bar, or a shopping mall… Even your female friends. A man’s strike rate could double, even triple, as he targets only the women who are up for it now.

La Ruina Free Book

Author: Richard La Ruina

Are You Adventurous Enough To Read The Last Book On Attraction You Will Ever Need?

Richard La Ruina’s Stealth book is possibly the last you will ever need to read about attracting women… It’s helped over 70,000 men to date and… I forget to mention… You can grab a copy now for FREE.