The Secret To Dating Multiple Girlfriends


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by Steve Piccus

The Secret to Dating Multiple Girlfriends by Steve P.

I’ve released this product because we keep hearing about guy after guy who wakes up in a relationship feeling like he was trapped. He was going along feeling fine in his masculine reality, until he met a woman who convinced him he needed to “Just slow down and act his age.” After the guy ended the relationship, they want to know about how to ethically date multiple women.

Now, I Believe That A Proper Relationship Is One Man And Multiple Women

However I also believe that different folks need different strokes. To that end, I invited one of the few people I know who has found how to make poly-amorous relationships work for him, Johnny Soporno, to join me on a panel talk explaining to a group of our students how to create and foster these types of relationships.

See a lot of people stay in real broken, screwed up relationships because of familiarity. They think, “Well, it could be worse.” And I believe that’s a screwed up way to view the world. The world is filled with women who are just waiting for a guy who is secure enough in his masculinity to let her enjoy sex with him and other partners.

In my model, those other partners are other women. In Johnny’s model, those other partners could be anybody. There’s no jealousy involved. But there are rules that everyone follows.

If you’ve found that the traditional models of relationships aren’t working for you, then maybe you’ve come to the point where its time to expand your options. In The Secret To Dating Multiple Girlfriends, Steve P and Johnny Soporno teach you not only the ‘Why’ of dating more than one woman but also the ‘How to.’ You’ll discover the powerful frames these men hold and how to develop them in your life and with the women you meet.

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