White Tiger Tantra

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White Tiger Tantra by Steve P

This 5 DVD series is about teaching you how to help women achieve full body orgasms. It teaches traditional massage, sensual enhancement massage, and a series of internal massage techniques that will bring her to levels of ecstasy she never thought possible… until now.

Your White Tiger Tantra package includes 5 DVDs with special bonus materials, plus the Awakening And Releasing Powerful Female Orgasms Illustrated Workbook.


The Awakening

In the first part of this DVD you will be walked through the steps you need to know for releasing powerful female orgasms. Aided by illustrations, you will see exactly where the woman is being stimulated internally. In the second part of the DVD titled “The Awakening” you will see a woman’s first experience with White Tiger Tantra. This woman had never experienced an orgasm before, neither by herself nor with a partner, and claimed that she was not sure she could have an orgasm. Here you will see her experience her first powerful orgasm with White Tiger Tantra.


Sensual Enhancement Massage

This DVD is a demonstration the Sensual Enhancement Massage. Here you will see how specific massage techniques are used to release tension from the whole body. You will learn why the massage portion of White Tiger Tantra is so important. And you will learn how to give the Sensual Enhancement Massagewhile watching Steve P teach two women how to give the Sensual Enhancement Massage to a woman.


Secrets of Traditional Massage

It is no secret every woman loves to get a massage. In this DVD you will learn the techniques used by professional massage therapists to relax every muscle in the body. Here you will quickly learn how to give an amazing massage by following along with the step-by-stepdemonstration aided by commentary. You will also learn some of the secrets, even most professional massage therapist do not know, that are sure to make your massage something exceptional.


Raw Footage: The Awakening

On this DVD you will see the raw footage from The Awakening. After watching the woman, on DVD #1, with explanations and commentary of the womanÂ’s first and subsequent powerful orgasms. You will want to watch DVD #4 to see (in real time) the changes in the woman as she experiences how with powerful orgasms, White Tiger Tantra releases stress and tension in her body.



Raw Footage: Sensual Enhancement Massage

Here you will meet a woman who is excited to share how the Sensual Enhancement Massage has improved her life. You will then watch as Steve P demonstrates his Sensual Enhancement Massage, while explaining exactly what he is doing, step-by-step. Women who have viewed this footage have expressed that the woman in the videoÂ’s description of her experience made them understand clearly what the woman was feeling. They also admitted that they were a little envious of the pleasure she was experiencing.


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